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Thread: 2 ? Muscle fibers & stretching. Creatine

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    2 ? Muscle fibers & stretching. Creatine

    I'm looking for 2 articles/post I remember reading but can't seem to find again.

    1. Was about the importance of stretching. It said something about muscle fibers dying if they are not stretched, then those muscles never being able to be regained afterwards. I stretch twice a day but want to show that info to one of my not so active sci friends

    2. I'm also looking for an article about the benefits of taking creatine with a sci. If I remember right, it was put together by Dr.Wise Young

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    Not saying I am expert but be careful with creatine I've been hurt for 28yrs and have worked out for 25 and competed for about 5 yrs of those years(w/b) steroid clean unlike some!!just saying.
    Creatine is good but can have bad affects on your kidneys so make sure you cycle it and drink enough water but first i would talk with your Dr and make sure your kidneys are in great shape and you keep a eye on them. Once more im NO expert so make sure and talk with your Dr!

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