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Thread: Cooking as a quad

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    Cooking as a quad

    I am 10 years post injury (C6) and just discovered that I can cook alone. I began with frying fish in olive oil in a pan and cooking asparagus in a small pot. It went great, but considering to do that more often I could use some ideas: how to fish veggies out of the hot water, how to chop veggies, onions or herbs etc. without them slipping away. Do any of you have more experience?

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    My recommendation would be to be extremely careful not to get burned. This would include keeping a waterproof cover on your lap under a solid tray that would contain any splash of scalding water so you don't get second-degree burns in your genital area. I've done this and it was extremely serious. Also get yourself some heatproof mitts to protect your hands, especially the parts that you cannot feel.

    I would definitely not fry as the danger is too great. Overall, one has to weigh the advantages of cooking versus the very real chance of serious burn injury and/or a situation in the kitchen getting out of hand which you will be completely unable to handle, such as fire.

    But if you must, perhaps do all your preparation, or have someone do all your preparation ahead of time for several meals and then just put it all together, steam it and then dash over it with some tasty low-calorie tangy sauce. There are also microwave steamers in which you can load the upper tray with a meat and veggies, and possibly the bottom with rice and water and when it is all done simply dump the upper tray into the lower tray and you have complete meal.

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    Congratulations Regine. There are quite a few of us quads who cook. I am a C-7 and probably have a little more hand function than you do. However there are still some things to share. One of the most helpful things is a cutting board with a nail pounded through it so it sticks up about 2 cm. above the working surface. You can stick veggies on it and cut them. It holds them in place. It does work for some meats too. For kitchen tools I go shopping at stores selling them and pick out ones that work with my limited hand function. I often use a wire strainer that is often used by Chinese cooks for fishing things out of hot water or oil. Also, I pick out pots and pans that are well balanced and have handles that are not slippery and do not get hot. I carry hot pots and pans on my lap using a bean bag tray or a few rectangular Styrofoam trays stacked on one another. They provide excellent insulation and protection from some spills. I do a good bit of outdoor grilling. It is relatively easy for me to flip or turn the meats and veggies with a long handled fork. I hope this is helpful. Cooking can be fun as well as supporting independence.
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    Thank you so much!!!

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    Great videos! I'm a C6 quad as well and cooking is something I have to consider when I move out.

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    I am not a cook. My girl friend does that. I redid a chair to make it as high as possible. We put two cushions on it also to get her higher. She can see into the pots on the stove now. I would also recommend a welders apron or a cow hide to protect you from burns. Welding sleeves might help too.

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    I just tried the fennel-apple-bluecheese-salad from the second video, and it was absolutely amazing! And very easy to make. This opens a whole new world. Didn't have the cherries and pistazios; used a little bit of lemon juice from a bottle (instead of the peel and fresh juice), for cheese I used gorgonzola, then balsamico vinnegar and just olive oil, but still, it had a delicious fresh taste.

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    I use cooking utensils and mixing bowls made by OXO called Good Grips. OXO was originally a Finlandish companyy so they may be available there. They were all designed for those with arthritis problems but have large no slip handles and the bowls have rubber bases that do not slide. I miss wiess spargel this time of year.
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    I pretty much cook anything and everything. Lately I have been doing a lot of sous vide. I have found that I have to do a lot of experimenting with different equipment and utensil to see what will work. Slotted spoons are great, as are big flat ladles with holes to scoop things out of water. For noodles and most anything that needs boiling, I now use an asparagus pot, which is small and tall. Then I have a stainer basket with a long handle that sits perfectly inside. Once I pull the basket out, it can sit on top of the pot tilted on its side to complete the draining.

    Anyway, there are WAY too many things and techniques I have developed over the 30+ years as a quad to just list them. But, if you have any questions about something you'd like to try cooking/doing, just ask and I'll probably have an idea or two.
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