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Thread: Newbie - Not really sure how this is all going to be OK. Fell too far.

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    You might consider trying an antidepressant medication. They will not change your situation but may give you a mental boost that will enable you to start seeing the possibilities for a meaningful, satisfying future.
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    This works for me: Allow the self-pitty, that is totally o.k. and important, but discipline yourself to have the joyful moments like make it a point to spend time with people you love, do the things you like, visit places you love, EVERY DAY.

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    I would recommend that you consider both an antidepressant and some good "talk therapy", ideally with a psychologist who works in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This type of therapy can help you to learn how to do the "reframing" mentioned above, and move on with your life instead of constantly ruminating on what you no longer have or think you can do any more.

    Many of the things you mention in your posts are things that you still can do, but perhaps in a different way than you did before. You are limiting yourself so much with your thinking. The reality is that none of us can go back to our previous life. It may be that a disability causes sudden change, or change can be gradual with aging, but we have to move forward and make the best of our situations. Counseling can help.


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    I very much agree with the importance of talking therapy. At the rehab in Roswell we had a great psychologist. The one thing I remember the most was that he told me, that after an injury like that you remain the same person, and over time will be able to access the resources you had built or found for your strength before. Later, over the years, a good friend from Santa Fe was so kind to do weekly Skype sessions with me where we talked (also about her live, since it was more a friendship) and did visualization exercises. But a professional therapist might even be more appropriate. It helped me a lot. When I got depressed she first asked "Have you been to Starbucks lately?" (because back in Germany I missed the US, and having coffee at Starbucks always improved my mood immediately), and always I had to say "no" and usually went the same day. I know, it's not as simple as that, and I would not seriously suggest that as therapy. But the idea behind it is what I believe in. Happiness doesn't knock at my door, and little moments of enjoying something are for me like a daily "antidepressant" to carry me through the dark times, and after going through grief or other sad feelings I usually come out at the bright side of life with more strength as before.

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