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Thread: PC games for a quad.

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    PC games for a quad.

    Hey guys, I like to start playing games on my PC specifically wow (world of Warcraft ) and crisis.
    ive never played wow so I don't know the controls, but I've got lots of time to kill so figured I'd start. I need a way to use a mouse efficiently and quickly, as well as a way to click the mouse two buttons, preferably big (stick out) and easy to press. And I'll also need a way to press a lot of keys quickly and a few simultaneously, most likely a good gaming voice software. Any recommendations of things I could look into using? So far I've looked head mouse, and voice recognition, but don't know good brands for either and haven't really found a good mouse for large prominent buttons.

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    there are several different programs that will allow voice control VoxEnable, Voice Activated Commands (V.A.C.)

    VoxEnable works with DragonDictate as the other one is self-sufficient, require some programming of keys but it will do everything you want in a game. I prefer single turn-based strategy like XCOM-Enemy Unknown, Breach & Clear
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    Try Sid Meier's Civilization V. Lots of expansion packs and hours and hours and 100s of hours of fun.
    Holy-crap, just went to Steam to link to it & it's 67% off today!

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    I modified some stuff this guy uses,like I uses Kensington Expert Mouse instead of Commander. I use autohotkey to bind some keys.Tanking in WoW with my prot warrior at the moment. 12/14 heroics. Pm me if you have more questions. Have fun!

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    I recommend this for the keyboard side of things. I use this to play World of Tanks. Works really well and $8 for a licence if awsome.

    Good luck

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    I can second the recommendation for Voice Attack. I use it and a QuadJoy mostly for first-person shooters.

    I used to play a lot of Civilization, but I haven't liked the changes in the past couple games, notably the inability to unit stack. The Total War strategy games can be good and very accessible in single player because you can pause them at any point to issue commands, returning to real-time, and pausing more as needed.

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    Here is a video by a quad who uses his tying stick and an adapted mouse to play

    It would be interesting to see how the mouse was adapted.

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