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Thread: batteries failing - advice needed

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    batteries failing - advice needed

    Well my wheelchair batteries are failing and it hasn't even been a year yet. The company does warranty them for a year but they are requesting some proof that they are failing. This is what they want: "Pictures with voltage meter results of fully charged batteries or load test results will work for us." Any advice on how I go about doing this?

    I've charged the batteries for the last two nights as usual and they aren't taking a charge. In the past, when my batteries have died, they have usually taken a charge but it doesn't last...they lose the charge almost immediately. This is a bit different but the end result is that I need new batteries!

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    Take them to Auto Zone or a local car mechanic. Print out the request the company has and ask if they will do the test for you. I can confuse you with a lot of info, why the batteries would die like that, but just go have them tested.

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    Could it be the charger? I made sure it's plugged in and the lights were spanning back and forth like they usually do when it's charging. I have a different charger so I plugged it into that one now and am waiting to see what it does. Do chargers go bad very often? I've had this one for years and years and it's never had any problems. Oh well...gonna see if the other charger makes a difference and if not I'll head off to Autozone.

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    It could be a bad cell or shorted cell in one of the batteries. You need to charge them seperately and test each one. For everything you'll ever need to know about batteries and charging them you might want to check out:

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    It could be the charger. Same guys can check that too. If your chair uses two batteries at the same time it can cause a problem. If the batteries are not the same age and charged to the same voltage they will fight each other and go dead quickly and it tends to kill the batteries.

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    Hello Tarantella,

    I had these same issues so I called my DME. He told me to drop by and he would test them. He hooked a large test meter to the batteries and I watched as he turned his tester on. It had about four wide strips inside and you could see them glowing red. He turned it off and said the batteries were bad and would hold on a 30% of the charge. He left and made a phone call and came back and said my insurance would paid for them. No problems since and that has been about 3 years ago.

    On a side note, he told me to keep the batteries daily. It would make the batteries last longer. The first power chair I had I charged it this way and the batteries lasted about 7 years.

    Good luck and I hope this helps.

    Note: It appears you also have small leak or short. Your DME should also check for this.
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    It's best practice to keep the batteries in a fully charged state for maximum life. Deep discharges will shorten battery life span.

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    Thanks very much for the replies. It was actually the charger. I plugged the chair into a different charger and it charged fine and has held the charge. I guess I'll have to start using that charger. Not thrilled with that because it has an exhaust fan that will probably run most of the night while charging, but I guess I'll get used to it. Thanks again!

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