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Thread: My van was broken into.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curt Leatherbee View Post
    That's pathetic though, they immediately released them on a $5,000.00 Surety bond. That's like a small slap on the wrist. They shoulda thrown them in the Slammer for at least a month or two and forced hard labor on them like picking up trash alongside the highways. Things are way to liberal lately.
    I agree. They were charged with five felony counts each. Most likely, almost all of those charges will get “thrown out.” There will probably be no jail time at all, just a suspended sentence and maybe some fines. They will be back to their old habits in no time.

    The sad thing is I know that one of these girls has a young toddler. He will probably grow up to follow in her footsteps, with a lifetime of petty theft and drug addiction. The odds are against him, regardless of his true potential. That should be a punishable crime as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tumbleweeds View Post

    Most of these losers won't even bother to check if it's unlocked, they'll break the window and THEN figure out it wasn't locked.
    I am "hoping" that because my van is parked so close to the building that they won't break the windows for fear of it being heard by one of the tenants here. You're right though they may not be smart enough to figure that out. I may be doomed. lol

    I still haven't decided about the camera yet.

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    Thought of you today. I don't lock my doors, ever. I went to wally world and left the windows rolled down too. I heard the rain on the tin roof of the building. OH OH. Interior should dry out in a couple months!

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    OH no! Sorry that happened to you. We have lots of rain headed our way for the next few days. I hope I remember to keep mine closed. I have to admit that has happened to me once or twice. I had to sit on a garbage bag once, because it didn't dry quick enough and I had an appointment I couldn't miss. I told myself that I would never make that mistake again....but I did. lol I hope your van dries out quickly.

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