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Thread: cymbalta

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    I doubt that Cymbalta works for nerve pain. When suggested from a different doctor I asked my primary physician, and even he meant, most likely I would not get any benefits from it. I personally dislike all these antidepressants, because my experience - when trying them - was, that I felt really weird; also my greatest joy in live had always come AFTER going through crises with open eyes and allowing sadness and despair. How else would one learn how to deal with it? But it would be interesting to find out if anybody got their painlevel reduced by it...

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    I tried it for a few months. It didn't do anything to touch pain and caused my liver enzymes to sky rocket. Make sure your LFT's are checked while on Cymbalta. It is a nasty drug. Hope you feel better.

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    i was on it and then got the generic version. it helped the pain in my back but not my neuropathic pain in my legs. no side effects that i found. i would still be on it yet i lost my job and now it is too expensive through medicare because of the deductable i have to pay right now. i was on 2 insurances and had to go back to medicare prescription plan. i am in search of a way to get rid of my neuropathic pain now. if i could find something my quality of life would improve dramatically.
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    careful side effect can be suicide, on cymbalta i sat wity my service weapon but was too drugged to pull the trigger.

    tried it again a few years later and went down the same path never had any pain relief. some people report pain relief. seems to work okay for diabetic neuropathy.


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    been a few weeks its helping some so far
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    You can get the generic version of cymbalta now - duloxetine. It is very cheap.

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