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Thread: Regain trunk control with severed spinal cord...

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    These people are giving good advice. With any of the exercises simply move to a weight that you can actually perform the exercise with. There may be other non-injured body parts that have lost strength. Do NO be ashamed or feel negative in any way whatsoever about how much weight you use. I started dumbbells without weights on them. Being able to execute the exercise is far more important than how much weight you use or how fast you can go. You will get things working. Do not give up and do not put a time frame on when you want to. I know that is difficult, but if put to side, things will happen. Also, do not be afraid to assist your body with your arms. If you get things working, you can gradually take away anything of assistance piece-by-piece.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad09 View Post
    Thats crazy you can hold 6 lbs in front of you, I can't even hold the weight of my arms in front of me without falling forward. So your able to do this with other supporting muscles above your injury?

    Yes Brad, it's not easy. I start with the ball close to me at my chest level, and then slowly push it outward. I can only hold it out for about 15-20 seconds, then my back and kneck muscles are burning. Like almost everything, it just takes time.

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