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Thread: Crazy Weather; I Live in Texas & it's Going to be 37 Tonight!

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    Crazy Weather; I Live in Texas & it's Going to be 37 Tonight!

    I live way south, just north of Houston! I can't believe it's going to be 37 degrees in the middle of April, this is crazy! I would move to California or Florida if all my family didn't live here!

    I don't know how all of you up north are able to handle the winter! I can't even begin to imagine what it's like trying to get around in the snow! I can't get up the ramp in my van if my wheels are wet, they just spin in place even though I have grip strips on the ramp. Whoever's with me has to give me a boost!

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    Ha! Ha! Ha! I not live in TX, but yes this has been crazy. The temperature changes are gigantic and fast and that is contributing to the mess. I had almost 80 2 days ago. I think right now it is 27.

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