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Thread: Wheel sizes for New TiLite Chair

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    Wheel sizes for New TiLite Chair

    When you all order a new chair do you generally have a preference for a certain size wheel? I have always used tire size 24 x 1 3/8" on my chairs. Was wondering why you choose the size you do when ordering.

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    Push geometry and arm mechanics, from the new chair to the push rim.

    If there is a choice between sizes then biased towards wheelchair wheel size 25" (ERTO 559), just because it's a common bicycle wheel size and has the largest tire selection.

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    Are you asking about wheel diameter or tire size? I prefer a 1" (24) tire in my daily life, which is mostly accessible and on pavement. On trips or in places where I know I'll be hitting grass or uneven ground, I like a 1-3/8" (37) tire, even though I find them a little harder on the hands (I push both tire and hand rim together).

    Wheel diameter, like NW-Will says above, is more about anthropometry.

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