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Thread: how can we ride these cars?

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    Question how can we ride these cars?

    How can a paraplegic ride cars like SUV's such as BMW X5 or Mercedes GLK...... how can he mount them and drive them? is it possible?

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    Transferring into an SUV is not difficult for the paras I know, myself included. I put one hand on the corner of the seat, one hand on the door's armrest, lift, twist, and sit down (with legs hanging out). I then pull my legs in and get myself centered in the seat before breaking down the chair and stowing it (either on the passenger or back seat, depending). There's a video around here, in a transfer video thread, of me doing this into a van. Seats are typically on, or very close, the same level as the SUVs I've driven, too, including one you mention: BMW X5. I'm a T12, ASIA C. (started ASIA B, tho, and still transferred into vans/SUVs). Drive with hand controls, of course.
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    Pretty hard on your shoulders to do this on a regular basis though, especially if you are lifting with your upper arm over your shoulder height. Here is an example:

    There are also transfer seats you can install if this is your own vehicle and you have the funds. Examples are the Bruno Stow-Away TAS seat, the Glide 'N Go, or the Easy-Reach seat.

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