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Thread: panama city beach or pensacola beach hotels

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    panama city beach or pensacola beach hotels

    anyone one have recemendations for either of these id like to be were I wont need a car were I can wheel around to shops resuarants bars and stuff
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    I stayed in Panama City Beach last November at the Edge Water Resort on the golf course side of things. No need for a car. We rented a condo for 1 month but only stayed for 2 weeks. It was cheaper than a hotel room for the same amount of time. Plus you have a full kitchen. We had two rooms and two full bathrooms and everything was accessible. Here is a link for the resort. Email me if you want more info.

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    Pensacola Beach, the best located is the Hampton Inn, it is closest to everything. I've never stayed there, we were in houses down the road, but I've never had a bad Hampton stay elsewhere.

    Flounder's Restaurant across the street, real good food, and if you like frozen drinks, have a Mudslide, and it is h/c accessible. Across the street and over a bit is the boardwalk mall, it has ramps up and is loaded with shops and bars and restaurants. Has free music on some nights, weekends if I remember right.

    The long ass pier, and pier area bar/food is right next door.

    There are like 4 more hotels in a row past the Hampton, some of them newer, you just keep getting farther away from "central".
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    great thanks ill check those out
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    We did the Hampton Resort in 2000 before the hurricane rearranged things again. Great place and the staff were incredibly helpful. We were there for a military conference my husband needed to attend and he had to be on base at 8am. So I was up and clothed by then. The front desk understood my breakfast dilemma with a manual chair and delivered a pot of coffee and a bowl of mixed pastries to our room. I had just asked if a coffee and 1 muffin would be possible. The two pools were child proofed but wheelchair friendly. At the time they didn't have a lift but had wide shallow steps and good handrails for those who could bump down. I did see newly placed stainless lined holes in the pool surrounds for lifts so they were planned. Great tiki bar there and an easy roll to all McDuff said. I had been there as an AB on Gulf Breeze Island with family and loved it.
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