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Thread: Quickie to adjust the rake/dump/seat?

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    Quickie to adjust the rake/dump/seat?

    I have a Quickie Matchpoint Tennis Wheelchair....I love it!! But, I need to adjust the "rake/dump" to make my knees go a bit higher for more stability.

    I adjusted the "center mass adjustment" thing and backrest angle....and that helps, but I need seat angle adjustment....not just "center of mass" and backrest.

    I checked out the PDF manual and parts mention on how to change the dump.

    Anyone with a sports wheelchair know how to do this?

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    I have an all court. Looks about the same in the pics. There is a joint under the front of the seat. You need a couple allen wrenches to loosen it. You need to loosen the front down tubes by the foot rest and the rear where you set the center of gravity. That will let you rotate the front of the seat up a bit. Or you can just stick a foam wedge under your knees.

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