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Thread: Lost insurance due to ACA and facing a nursing home

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    Trying to think of a shot gun approach to things Trainman , this idea is out there a bit but perhaps trying to get the Iowa Disability Legal Rights Agency involved might be worth a phone call or letter.

    I am wondering if Title II of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Supreme Court, "Olmstead Decision" which calls for community integration / least restrictive environment for people with disabilities could be brought in to play. probably a long shot but perhaps worth looking in to.

    Little I know of your situation it sounds like the Medicaid Waiver probably runs into, "cost neutrality issues" , in Medicaid State and Federal funding formula which is used to decide whether it cost more to provide services in the community ( Waiver, etc.) or in a nursing facility.

    Unfortunately, like CILs and other agencies quality of services can vary from State to State but perhaps this approach mixed with others is worth a try.

    From what you've posted it sounds like you have done a great job of advocating for yourself.

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    Trainman, could you work things out yet? I'd be interested to hear.

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    I haven't had anything yet, and May 7 is getting closer.
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    Would it be too much to hope that Iowa doesn't have a nursing home that can handle a vent/pace maker quad with skin issues? They can't place you in a vegetative state ward. I had problems getting my Mom into an inpatient hospice because of a dual diagnosis. If you have a great doc ask him to put every possible problem you need managed into your diagnosis. If you can't be handled by an in state facility you cannot be forced out of state as far as I know.
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    Is there anything we can do to help? Spam your states people or a news network?
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    I'm not so familiar with US-laws and regulations. What support would you actually get for staying at home? How much money or how many hours? What support can you organize from family/volunteers? And what would be missing?
    Are there other options than a nursing home? Some kind of integrated community setting, assisted living, ...? Once in a nursing home it is sooo hard to get out. I remember being in a nursing home in Santa Fe, having a roommate of 80+ with bad hearing, and her speaking clock announced EVERY hour, and I had no chance to stop that. Now, having a home in Freiburg, Germany, I enjoy it so much. But in my part of town there is an appartment complex for handicapped people, and that seems to be great too. You could also live with a few other handicapped people and share the costs for assistants. Here in Germany it is very common to hire live-in assistants from Poland. That is a lot more reasonable than a mobile caregiving agency if you need longer hours of assistance, and there are legal ways to do that through agencies. You just need to be very precise with your expectations + comparing that with their experiences. That worked very well for my mom (I benefitted too from that since we lived together, now, since mom died, I have a student who helps me cooking and cleaning in exchange for free rent).
    What I'm trying to say is: there are many ways to manage to find other solutions than a nursing home; just check ALL the resources you can think of (you are very good at that anyways, I got the impression).

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    Hang in there and hope Joel.

    As Jenn said if there is anything I can do from long range just shout!

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    Sorry for late replies, we finally had nice weather yesterday and I wanted to get out while I was still "free." What we're waiting to pass would cover the hours of care I get now. One caregiver will get a pay cut and they will have a lot more paperwork, but that's the only change I'm aware of. However, we've been told that will only go for three months, or until I find something else, whichever happens first. What that something else is supposed to be, I don't know.

    The nursing home told me about the middle of last week they were trying to see if they could fit my schedule in with their other patients. I was supposed to have been told if they could take me a few days ago, but they haven't decided yet. My caregivers laugh when they hear I might be too much work for the place, but I don't know who else they have. I find it annoying that I gave them my training/care book, all 35 pages, explaining in detail all my cares at the beginning of April and they are just now deciding. If they say no, I'll have to look at places that are several hours away from home.

    If it doesn't pass that I can get care at home, I guess I would spam news stations. I've contacted a few, but haven't received any interest. I don't know that it would help any, but it at least would let people know what's going on. Thanks for the encouragement and ideas, I'm getting burned out with trying every resource and rarely getting help, but I do keep trying.
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    Trainman, please check your PMs.


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    Already read, thanks KLD.
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