Trainman, I think, you are doing great for being in such a stressful situation. Others would have probably given up by now. It's good to be careful with priorities, realizing one is getting burnt out. Would the media really help? Here in Germany bad things happen even if they were reported about. How likely is it that your situation may continue for three more months? (That would be good, do I understand this right, because it gives you more time to find a longterm solution?) Maybe you could shorten your 35 pages of careplan to maybe 10. If it wouldn't get you burnt out more, I would love to put in some ideas, and appreciate so much if you e-mailed me that short version. If someone else would like to help, we could do a skype conference for informal, relaxed (no way you should be stressed even more) brainstorming. But I would totally understand if you don't want more input. Shorten your careplan might, however, help with your closer contacts as well, it would, I'd hope, simplify communication and accelerate the help you are so hoping for. - I wish you luck; and keep us posted! This is important for all of us. Governments woud love to send us all into nursing homes. Only slowly are they supporting other lifeforms.