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Thread: Lost insurance due to ACA and facing a nursing home

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    It has been a while since I updated, but the latest progress is now posted. Unfortunately, they said no to continuing funding for nursing care.
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    Oh, no! So sorry, Trainman. Have you talked to Cheesecake or anyone else at the CDRPF since you got this decision?? Are you able to appeal? Have you contacted newspapers or TV news to cover this?


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    So much stuff to deal with, it seems cruel.
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    Yes KLD, Cheesecake and I have been working together quite a bit. So far, media hasn't been interested in my story, but I'll be trying again.
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    Being forced to move out of your home and into a nursing facility seems to me to be a violation of your civil rights! Will you be able to go outside by yourself to watch the trains? Will you be able to go out anywhere on your own? Will you have Internet access in this nursing home?
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    Sorry for the late response, I took all day Saturday to watch trains while I'm still free.
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    I am looking at a place Friday that may be able to take me if I don't get more funding. It's supposed to have Internet, but I don't know how good and if I'll be able to continue my web business. It is in a town that is one of my favorites for watching trains, but I can't tell on Google maps if I could see the tracks from the facility.

    Because of the vent/DPS and having absolutely no arm or hand control, I have to have someone with me when I'm out. I can almost guarantee they don't have enough staff to allow me to go out. By the looks of the web site, it's also a typical nursing home in that the clients are mainly senior citizens. Maybe I'll learn to play BINGO with a few of them.
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    oh I am speechless can you call like 20/20 or dateline . its unreal that fox won/t do something

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    Since my last update, I have done an appeal through the Iowa Insurance Division and they agreed I still need care. Therefore, night hours through the nursing agency are being covered by insurance. Unfortunately, they aren't covering my days any more, so I have my assistants now as CDAC providers with a lot of careful planning so that their hours with me are all covered.

    Insurance is scheduled to review my case again in late January 2015, which is also how long the CDAC deal through the state is approved. Some people think I'll have to go through all this again in January and others don't, so we'll see. The school talks and activities I usually do in spring I'm doing this fall instead just in case.
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    I am so relieved to hear that you are at least partially covered. I hope you don't have to jump through all of the hoops again.
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    Good to hear you have more time !

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