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Thread: The Future: Robot Caregivers??

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    The Future: Robot Caregivers??

    From the NY Times Op/Ed pages:


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    Sure, id do it. my house would be cleaner, and Id be less frustrated trying to keep up with everything.

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    The illustrated Robot Caregiver's right arm looks perfect for bowel programs.

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    Isaac Asimov, a science fiction author, described a future where Robots are created and become slaves of the human race. unfortunately we are going to that direction.
    Yes, it wont happen twenty years from now, but in a range of 100-150 years...

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    We liked the movie "Frank and Robot". Frank Langella plays an elderly man whose family buys him a robot caregiver so they can go about their own lives without feeling guilty about leaving dad alone. Worth the time on Netflix.

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