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Thread: Computers in bed?

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    I agree about setting laptops on something soft to prevent the heat from your skin is going to cause problems with heat building up. And long term low heat from laptops can also cause this condition called toasted skin syndrome.

    I use a cheap solution currently, but if money wasn't a concern I'd use a regular adjustable bed laptop table. But what I use now is a mesh back support that I bought from Dollar Tree for a buck. I originally bought it for use driving, thinking it would provide lumbar support and also more breathability so my lower back didn't get sweaty. Didn't work so well, and I don't remember when I first tried but I had it in my bedroom and stuck my laptop on top of it. The mesh prevents the heat from building up, and it also holds it at a bit of an angle which is nice for using the keyboard. As I move around, I can put it on top of my lap over the covers (but wouldn't recommend this for a para, I don't know if it might cause too much pressure), put it to the left or right side of me as I'm propped and angled slightly with pillows, or set it up in the middle of the bed and lay back to watch a movie on it. I also have a habit of breaking my power cords from use in bed, and using a stand helps decrease that for me.
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    I use a bedside table for the laptop, a good headset to type and work with Dragon and I use a trackball on a book or something to keep it level on the right side. It's a great trackball. It's a Logitech with the ball in the middle of a kind of pointy trackball and I have the mouse buttons reversed so it's easy for me to just tilt my right hand to click on the mouse.
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    Here is the voice recognition headset I use
    And I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to do all my typing unless it's little stuff that I just use the on screen keyboard
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    I am a C5/6 quad and have been using my computer/HTPC in bed for 25 years. The best solution I have found is to use a hospital style over bed table. Besides holding the laptop or keyboard, it is nice to have a drink, snack, or telephone within easy reach. Of course, that is providing you have a motorized bed that will raise you into a sitting position.

    I also use 2 TV/monitors, I have a 32 inch on the ceiling above my bed, and a 55 inch on the wall across from the foot of the bed. To control everything, I use the voice recognition program that comes with Windows 7, and a CAD U2 USB headset.

    When away from home I use a lap table to place the laptop on.

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    I have a lock tray and put my iPad on top of that. You could just as well put a laptop on it. I sleep with it on my lap. You can also use a type of stand that goes over your lap. I have a Tempur-pedic adjustable bed that I can sit when I want to be on it. For instance I am on it right now setting up the bed. The computer lap tray I use I bought from Brookston for about $50

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