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Thread: Computers in bed?

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    Computers in bed?

    I would like to work using a computer in bed. I have full use of my hands. What's a good solution?

    Some thoughts:

    I was thinking of a laptop (probably a MacBook Pro) but I would be concerned about burns if it gets hot, about how easy it would be to see and operate as well. There are little stands for laptops to use in bed but I am not sure if they are really that safe or or usable for someone who cannot feel if there is a problem.

    I was also thinking of using a wall-mounted monitor as well as a separate wireless keyboard and mouse, and connecting these to a desktop computer. I'm not too sure again how easy this really is to use in bed.

    Any ideas?

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    Full use of hands means para not quad I assume. Get a laptop, I use mine in bed all the time. As for heat/burns wear pants you and you will be fine. If you are using your laptop for something that requires your pants to be off, well then you will make the baby jesus cry. But maybe put the laptop on a towel or something.

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    I fold my adjustable bed up all the way and use the Lapp Topper tray with my MacBook Pro daily.
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    I place my Mac Book on my belly in bed. I put a cloth between the computer and my skin. No burns. The backlit keys make seeing them from an angle easy.
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    What about using a normal-size monitor and keyboard, in bed? For certain applications I would prefer a large monitor. Has anyone used this kind of thing successfully or should I just use a laptop?

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    I use my 51in tv (mounted on the wall) as a monitor.. I use Smartnav for my cursor and dwell clicker for my mouse functions.. I'm a quad so I need more adaptive equipment..

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    MacBook Air won't make your arms fall off

    Quote Originally Posted by t8burst View Post
    If you are using your laptop for something that requires your pants to be off, well then you will make the baby jesus cry.
    I have an old MBP with a WinVidia that only ever worked properly in Windows 7 on bare metal via BOOTCAMP. Runs hot in OSX and GNU/Linux with Nouveau and neither can detect external VGA via the Apple Mini Display Port dongle. Use DVI dongle even though KVM is VGA. I also have to select DVI on monitor. I try not to use it on battery.

    My wife has a MBA with Intel graphics and it is much lighter and cooler. Being Mac you can install Fink unlike iPad. Having SSD you can run it in any position and move it while running. Wish I got an MBA (MacBook Air). Has good battery life.

    Over bed tilting table (now part of my late father's estate) and tilting bed? I tried to use the brick lying down and get sore arms or sit on edge and get sore back. Now VNC in using iPad.

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    Laptops are notorious for overheating especially when used in bed on top of your covers that's why its best to have it sitting on a piece of wood/tray or a little table.
    You can also nowbuy usb powered coolers which the laptop sits on and it blows coolair underneath.
    When you have the laptop sitting on the covers or a cloth/towel to stop youself getting burnt you are actually blocking the vents underneath which are blowing out the hot air.
    Also heard on the news recently that the burns sustained from laptops (usually on your lap) can turn cancerous so be careful and never put it on your bare lap and always assure that adequate ventilation is getting underneath.

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