This morning, I tried to post the reply that appears below and had the following problems.
1. I selected "Submit New Thread." This message appeared: The text that you have entered is too long (173269 characters). Please shorten it to 100000 characters long.
I don't think the comment is nearly as long as 173,269 characters, I couldn't submit the post. I copied the post signed off of Care Cure, signed back on copied my text into a "Reply with Quotes."

2. Then the phone rang and I was away from the computer for about 10 minutes. When I tried to "Submit New Thread," this message appeared: You do not have permission to perform this action. Please refresh the page and login before trying again.
Once again, I signed off of Care Cure, signed back on selected "Reply with Quotes, copied and pasted my text into the quote and below the quote and selected "Submit New Thread" and my reply posted.

Can anyone help me understand why I got these two messages?

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Vetericyn is the blue bottle product and vetericyn VF comes in a non-transparent white plastic bottle, am I correct ? You are correct.

Also, can I use Vetericyn hydrogel spray? Has any one used it? How useful is it? I don't think it can be instilled, right? Some people have reported using the hydrogel as a catheter lubricant. Personally, I don't think it makes a very good lubricant, but when used that way, it can introduce Vetericyn into the urethra. As a bladder instillation device, Vetericyn or Vetericyn VF liquid Wound and Skin is probably easier to use. Some people have used the hydrogel to instill into the bladder when they have been sent the wrong product by a supplier, or when they were not careful to order the product they really wanted. Currently Oculus Innovative Sciences is enrolling patients in a trial to use liquid Microcyn in a spray bottle to spray into the urethra before intermittent catheterization.


Microcyn Hydrogel has FDA 510(k) Clearances for the following:

As a hydrogel, for management of dermal irritation, sores, injuries and ulcers of dermal tissue including itch and pain relief associated with dermal irritation, sores, injuries and ulcers of dermal tissue as a prescription. As an over-the-counter product, the hydrogel is intended to relieve itch and pain from minor skin irritations, lacerations, abrasions and minor burns. It is also indicated for management of irritation and pain from minor sunburn.

As a hydrogel, for management and relief of burning, itching and pain experienced with various types of dermatoses, including atopic dermatitis and radiation dermatitis.

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