I didn't see a setting for that when I had the programmer. However crawl mode is engaged by a sensor that detects when the the clamp gets next to it. I actually don't have an issue with the crawl mode, but I will unplug the sensor and see what happens. I am travelling but will try it monday and post the results.

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Can the newer units be reprogrammed to eliminate the crawl mode? I sent my computer of the ZX to Pat for a check over and reprogram. He sent it back, I didn't like it so he sent up the unit that does the re-programming; it took less than five minutes. He said most dme's have the unit for their power chairs. I'm going to buy one on Ebay when I get the chance as they are fairly expensive new.

I haven't seen a newer ZX so didn't realize the difference. The smaller front wheel stops it from tipping over on an incline so I just lower it a bit before going down the van ramp.