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Thread: ZX1 Adjustments

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    ZX1 Adjustments

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    The red arrow points to a cup headed 5/16 bolt with an adjustable locknut. There is one each side but the other one is not visible in the picture. Is it okay to screw out these bolts to a length that stops the clamshell coming all the way up into crawl mode? To put it another way is it okay to use these bolts to restrict the range of the clamshell in actuator mode?


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    I have a zx1. Are you saying you want the clamshell to only partially "grab onto" the wheelchair axle bar? Are you wanting to have more "tip-ability" of the wheelchair front wheels for popping over 2"-3" bumps, threshholds? It seems such an adjustment, if possible, would do that.
    Don't know if that's what you're after, but if so, have you tried to only partially attach clamshell with the clamshell actuator button? I don't do so until I get to a bump - at that point I "trim" the clamshell actuator slightly, get out of clamshell mode, then push down on the armrests which makes the front wheels pop up enough. The tricky part is gently touching joy stick "forward" while at the same time holding down armrests so the front wheels are raised.
    By the way, I still don't know what "crawl mode" is.
    Sorry if I've misinterpreted your post

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    Hi triumph
    I only explain what I wanted to do not why I wanted to do it and I can understand your confusion particularly as your ZX1 doesn't go into crawl mode if I remember correctly. If the ZX1 is adjusted correctly taking the clamshell back in actuator mode to its highest level, the ZX1 will be in crawl mode which pretty much says it all. The yellow indicator light flashes whilst travelling very slow. I understand from previous posts it was designed to enable users to get out of sticky predicaments where there is not enough traction. Personally I have found crawl mode an absolute pain in the backside as you can't tell when you're about to enter it, in other words it is a fine line taking the clamshell back in actuator mode.
    I am currently using E-Motion M 15 wheels as well and these wheels do not spin like a manual wheels would and in fact they create a braking effect when scraping on the ground. So it pulls the ZX1 from left to right depending on which wheel is scraping at the time. E-Motion M 15 wheels have a great deal of resistance. I want to have the wheels just touching so that they are rolling and to do this I have screwed these 5/16 cup headed bolts out to a length where they resist the clamshell framework from coming up any higher. In other words I can take it to the accurate level straight away without going too high or staying too low.
    I have made almost every adjustment on the ZX1 possible so it's not about what I want to do with it with regards to more "tip ability", I just want to know whether it is safe to resist the hydraulic ram if that's what it is from going any higher than I want it to.
    The red arrow points to a bolt with a locknut that if screwed out far enough will resist the clamshell framework from coming any higher, I want to know if it is safe to do so?
    I was hoping pattherat might chime in if he is around but I should probably otherwise put my question to Spinergy.
    Thanks for trying to understand my inadequate description.

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    Thanks for the explanation. I'm just curious about this and don't mean to bother you. Just wondering if the clamshell surface will show any wear/scraping where the adjusted bolt touches it in both places. It sounds like a great idea that might help me with bump jumping.
    Still can't figure out why I can't find crawl mode, which as described would help too.
    Hubby and I got a lot of help from Spinergy to talk us through adjustment of anti-tippers. I'd like to remove them now but hesitate.

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    No bother at all.
    The clamshell framework shows very little in the way of wear and tear.

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    Those anti tippers look like a pain for sure. I have a set that Pat sent me and never put them on. I just anticipate that the arms will drop going down my van ramp. I put my speed on the lower setting for more contol. Mines going on three years old so I doubt it has a crawl mode.

    Pat would know or Spinergy. He can be reached at: <> Hearing from others the hastle they have with Spinergy after an initial contact, I'm so glad I bought mine from Pat; it's been absolutley trouble free.

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    My understanding is you have an original ZX1 with slightly different design and you are probably in no danger of tipping over as your rigidizer bar probably hits the armrests as they curve behind a little more than when the anti-tip tube assembly was designed. I have a preference for this design as well, in fact I already had anti-tip tubes made that went slightly out of the side and would have gone around the ZX1 in its original design. Nevertheless the anti-tip tube design does have its benefits and anyone who has the new design should most certainly make sure that the chair will not tip too far without it, only my recommendation. If I had struts with say 40 pound pressure instead of 70 they might work as they were designed to. As it stands the anti-tip assembly stops me from tipping over but I have to leave a gap between the anti-tip wheel and the frame which still sees the armrests dipping down substantially.

    Has anybody seen the merits of crawl mode? I certainly haven't and have used the ZX1 extensively. Don't get too keen about it.

    I'm not so sure about my original idea of limiting the clamshell height as pressure in both the wheels on the ZX1 and wheelchair have to be taken into account.

    Don't want to knock the ZX1 too much as it has been extremely reliable apart from battery capacity. I must say it has been liberating as well. Bear in mind I am really pushing the limits at very close to maximum capacity with E-Motion M 15 wheels connected.

    New battery technology is very close and will report back soon once I have it sorted out. The battery indicator doesn't work as well, in that it tends to die very quickly but still enough to get home. I don't think Spinergy intend to use new technology until they can accurately display what charge is left and that could be some time.

    I have come to rely on the ZX1 so much, perhaps I should move permanently to an electric chair next time but it is so great to have the best of both worlds at the moment.


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    Takenaback, We also have issues with crawl mode, and I have also not seen the point of it. It is very fiddly to get it just right so the actuator does not go too high. When it does go too high, we have interference with the Tishaft Back release bar (TiLite ZRA) and it causes a jolting "thump".

    I will be interested to hear what Spinergy says, because we would be interested in doing something similar to stop it from going so high.

    We also had a lot of difficulty getting the anti-tilt mechanism adjusted, and I am still not happy with it. I have not heard much back from Spinergy about my questions over it. They said they are setting up a dealer network in Europe to get support (we are in Holland), but I also have not heard back about the status of that either.

    I started a threads about some of our adjustments. It was at the time the forum was not doing so well, so there are 2 threads:
    ZX-1 Power Add-on owners thread
    ZX-1 Power Add-on Adjustments
    Partner of an incredible stroke survivor. Limitations: hemiparesis and neglect (functional paralysis and complete lack of awareness on one side). Equipment: TiLite ZRA 2 and 2GX, Spinergy ZX-1, RioMobility Firefly. Knowledge: relative newbie for high-level equipment (2012), but willing to try to help others who are new with similar limitations (definitely not a guru, but inquisitive).

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    I had the 70 lb. struts on my ZX1 and replaced them with 20 (or 30, can't remember), from Spinergy. I was then able to do the curb hopping maneuver.
    Just wondering if you, takenaback, have considered the SmartDrive as a replacement for the E-Motion wheels. I've heard the wheels are pretty heavy. I did a trial run for 3 weeks with the SD, even ran it in snow packed road with a FreeWheel attached. The battery lasts longer than zx1 and it's pretty easy to remove the SD wheel when necessary. It's nice that one can push the chair, for exercise, etc., with the SD power button on "off". That said, I opted for the zx1 as I need more help outdoors, in addition to reverse.
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    Can the newer units be reprogrammed to eliminate the crawl mode? I sent my computer of the ZX to Pat for a check over and reprogram. He sent it back, I didn't like it so he sent up the unit that does the re-programming; it took less than five minutes. He said most dme's have the unit for their power chairs. I'm going to buy one on Ebay when I get the chance as they are fairly expensive new.

    I haven't seen a newer ZX so didn't realize the difference. The smaller front wheel stops it from tipping over on an incline so I just lower it a bit before going down the van ramp.

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