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Thread: Invitation to Participate in Interviews

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    Invitation to Participate in Interviews

    We are seeking English-speaking adults over 19 years of age with spinal cord injury from across Canada and the United States to participate in a 30 minute interview over the telephone, in person, or by Skype as part of a research project.

    The purpose of this interview is to learn more about the kinds of questions you ask your doctor(s) about experimental therapies like stem cells.

    To participate in or learn more about this study, please contact Karen Jacob, National Core for Neuroethics, at or 604-827-3690.

    Thank you!

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    We require any research studies posted here to include information about the Institutional Review Board/Human Subject Research panel which approved the study, and a contact person for any complaints about administration of the study or subject ethical issues. Please include that information and this post will be approved.


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