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Thread: Have you seen this?

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    Have you seen this? Is this news, or do we already know this? Sounds as if it would at least improve quality of life.

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    Since the story includes the words "...over the next five years, three more men..." saw improvement, I'm going to guess this has been studied for quite a while. If the stimulation works...and the brain control part has been identified...then its just a matter of putting the hardware and programming together. All it takes is money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynne View Post Is this news, or do we already know this? Sounds as if it would at least improve quality of life.
    Keep calm, all the world knows about it while relatively few understand what is really about. This is actually an old news.... it all started on May 20th 2011.. curing paralysis.. again.. WTH!

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    This story was also on the front page of USA Today and on NBC News last night - I guess because it is going to be published soon. USA Today said that people regained bowel/bladder even when the device was turned off. I haven't seen that anywhere else but this would be a huge breakthrough if they can figure out why it is happening.
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    It can only be nerve regeneration right? I am just praying this will work on older injuries, all the guys in the trials were fairly new injuries.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Curt Leatherbee View Post
    It can only be nerve regeneration right?
    No, I don't think so according to what I've heard. It may be more that the cord is rewiring itself and using different pathways now. The spinal cord is very smart in it's own way.

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