Hello everyone! (My first post)

A lot of news sites are buzzing (pun certainly intended) with an apparent "breakthrough" in SCI therapy, using electrical spinal cord stimulation. I know it's been done in the past, but this time with four patients. Here's a link to one of many news sites - some more detailed than others:


As promising as this is, it is unclear from the articles if the patients regained core functionality such as bladder, bowels and sexual function. Although they can voluntary move some muscle(s), (when the device is turned on) does the device also impact on sensation?

There's also a video on the BBC site, so check it out in action. Either way, it's still very new, and years away from being effective, as well as marketed. I've closely been following Mr Wise Young here since my motorcycle accident in April 2013. We are all thankful for his contribution in SCI research, and eagerly await Phase III. Hope we're still aiming for Q3 this year, and funding could be sorted by then?