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Thread: Paralysed patients regain voluntary movement with spinal stimulation

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    I can only imagine how much this thing is gonna cost when made available, probably like 200 grand or so or more. Wonder if Insurance will cover it? Probably not. Being that all kinds of implants are done like this for pain I'd think FDA would move along fairly fast especially given our situations? I would think if this works as good as is said there could be a lot of fundraisers to raise the necessary money for people in need to have this done. I just hope the people in control of this technology don't try to take advantage and way overcharge for this. I am hoping to see some kindness in human spirit so we can all take advantage of this and live better and more healthy lives than we are currently living. Can you imagine even the reduction of pressure sores and UTI's in gaining back some movement? Increase in bowel and bladder control would be huge also. It would make us a lot more healthy.

    Amazing that this sort of thing had been tried before with no meaningful results and that as it turns out they were simply hitting the spinal cord up with too much electricity. The nervous system is a delicate thing and as was proven in the results of these experiments just a small 10 volt signal with very low current and low frequency was all that was needed to make things happen. Call me crazy but in reading all the docs, I'm a believer in this technology. Now I kick myself for not having gone to medical school to become a researcher. I knew all along that between Electrical stim and maybe magnetism the spinal cord would respond. When I was first injured I was rolling around the hospital in my wheelchair with magnets duct taped to my back around the injury site in hopes it would help out, that was 1981. What has been proven here in these experiments makes perfect sense to me. Gonna be real interesting if this works in a injury of over 30 years like me. I can't even begin to imagine voluntarily moving a leg after so long, but from the sound of it, it could happen. I still have a huge amount of spasticity and do FES training every other day, although I think my knees are blown out pretty good at this point so may need em replaced if I'm to walk again.

    Hopefully Dr. Young will chime in on this thread. I'd think this would be a natural for combination therapies.
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