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    Enablex Question

    My Urologist recently prescribed Enablex to replace my Ditropan, I have been on Enablex for only two days and I am experiencing a significant increase in bladder spasms with leakage. I do not have any UTI symptoms. In the Enablex literature it says it may take up to 2 weeks before benefit experience. Is this true? I have a call in for the Urologist, but am very interested in what others have experienced. Thanks!

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    I've been taking that for a couple of months now and it seems to work really well. I take the 15 mg along with the oxybutynin with no side effects, well dry mouth is a big concern.
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    Yes it may take a while to adjust.It works well for some, others not. Was the Ditropan not working? Why did he change you?

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    Since the bladder biopsy earlier this month I have been experiencing bladder spasms and leakage. The Urologist thought the Enablex may be more effective than the Ditropan. My concern is the bladder spasms and leakage has been so pronounced since going on the Enablex that if it tales 2 weeks to start working I may experience skin breakdown.

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    I would call the Urologist and let him know about the increased spasms.

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