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Thread: Rear wheel spacing (?) issue

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    Rear wheel spacing (?) issue

    I will admit I feel a bit silly. I did a search and nothing was obvious so I apologize if I am reposting this. I could be calling it the wrong thing...

    Okay, I have a Box chair (everyday suspension) and I have three sets of wheels. The set that came with it (25" SLX), and then 24" LX, and then 25" Round Betty Dino's with knobbies. I also have 4 degrees of camber. The SLX's are okay and are a bit tight to the chair but not a big deal. The other wheels just hit the side guard and don't move. How do I...fix this? I use the same set of axles for them all and I never use the 24s but they exist so I tried. I don't really know what the issue is or how to fix it and since I couldn't find anything here I assume it is so obvious that I can't figured it out ;-)


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    What brand and model chair do you have or do you mean you have a "Mike Box" chair"? I suppose the answer is about the same anyway, but I have no first hand knowledge of his own brand. Essentially you need to adjust the axle insert outwards. On Tilite it then takes some sort of a spacer so that the axle insert can be re tightened. Others are similar, some are designed without spacers. I hope you have enough spare space to use your alternate wheels.
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    I meant a Mike Box chair - sorry I could have been more specific there! I have the Everyday Suspension chair. I am not sure what at all any of this means though! I won't lie. Is there any way you could point me towards something that may explain it or have photos? Or could someone provide more or an explanation? This is my first non-vendor chair where I am on my own. It's a good learning experience but this is not something I know about :-)

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    This is a photo right off Mike Boxes website.
    Compare it to your setup. It appears, but without looking at a manual, that you just loosen that big nut and adjust, then retighten. Caution, since we have not determined maximum clearance.
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    The easiest is to get some longer axles, or you might be able to put spacers or washers on the axles you have. Or you could have someone "dish" your wheels out so they don't hit the chair. A bike shop can do this.

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    As Noise said,; loosen the large nut on the axle, unscrew the sleeve to the desired width you want. TIgthen fingertight then check to make sure you toe in-out is right then tighten up.r

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