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Thread: Exercising with a mini portable hand bike?

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    Exercising with a mini portable hand bike?

    I'm a C5 quad and I'm trying to think of a way to become more physically active and I was wondering if something like this (Link HERE) would benefit me? Would it help me gain muscle in my arms, help me burn calories, could I do cardio with it, etc.?

    Does anyone on here use one of these, if so, what are your opinions of it?
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    I use one for 30 minutes a day. There are better ones out there but I just needed something inexpensive to get my heart rate up on. I do an adapted runners training with mine. "Run" 1 minute, "walk" 1 minute and then over the next weeks increase the "run" time until you can "run" the the entire 30 minutes. I love mine.
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    I have used two kinds of table-top hand crank devices. One of them I had difficulty cranking and was never able to get it dialed down to an easier crank. I don't recall the brand but it was more expensive than the one I got after it. (it looked like the one you pictured)
    I next got a Drive Medical table-top hand crank which worked perfectly for me and cost was about $45. (Both devices had a digital display for speed, revolutions, time, etc.). I did have to place sandbags on the feet to steady it on my table. I set it on a table about knee height as it was harder for me to crank with it on a standard height table. At that time I got a great workout.

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    It's a piece of junk. I know a guy (C5) who bought a used exercycle and had it altered and mounted to the wall. Best cycle I've used other than my handcycle for cardio.

    I suggest you think about durabands and cords of various strengths. Mount hooks in the ceiling and walls for different heights and exercises. You may want to check out with the Canadian Wheelchair Sports Association and see if there is a rehab or gym close for you to use. I know the GF Stronge in Vancouver has a great workout program for us. If anyone hears of a good indoor ergometer I'd like to know myself. If you could find a Vitaglide that would be really cool, I love mine and gives a great workout.
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    We use (in our therapy gym and for home use) both MOTOmeds and Saratoga cycles. Not cheap, but they do work for cardio. Resistive exercises with weights and bands will help with strength, but not much for cardio.

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