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Thread: Handcycle cranks

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    Handcycle cranks

    I'm not sure if this should be here or in the exercise forum....

    Why are hand cycle cranks set up with both hands together instead of opposing like the feet on normal bikes?

    I have severe lordosis and when I am in the pulling part of the stroke it makes my back sway even worse and it is very uncomfortable and painful. I put a ratcheting strap on the seat back to hold my midsection back but it still hurts. I wonder if I set the cranks to be opposing, if it would help stabilize my back. I am guessing it is less efficient this way but I am not racing and if I could just pedal without the pain, I would sure enjoy it more.



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    Depending on what kind you have they can be set up like a regular bike. Most people find that having them in tandem gives them more power since your arms are much smaller than your legs. I have tried them both ways and for me it is much better in tandem. You have a pick of your bike/cranks?

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    It's difficult to track straight with opposed cranks... doesn't hurt to try it though... give it a shot.

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    agree with scott, this is main issue.

    Quote Originally Posted by -scott- View Post
    It's difficult to track straight with opposed cranks... doesn't hurt to try it though... give it a shot. rep
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    I guess I should just try it. Why is it difficult to track straight? Since the push is uneven the wheel will swing back and forth?

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