So I am five 1/2 months along with our first baby. So far we are healthy, and the baby moves a LOT We go back to the doctor on Monday to see if it is a boy or girl (last time the little bugger wouldn't let us see).

Anyway, my question is for the quad mommies out there. Did all of you have a c-section? I have been in contact with one member from here who did and had a complication afterward because of the pain. That scares me. My doctor(s) have discussed it with me, and even though we haven't made a decision, they both seem to think that if my body and the baby can handle it, I would be able to have a natural birth. They said that my muscle use, though limited, would help and that after a little while, the body just takes over contractions and does what it is supposed to do by pushing the baby out. Now, that would be if the baby isn't stressed. A c-section might be necessary if something should happen of course.

A c-section would be faster and less stress on the baby so that option is always open to me too. I just want us both to come out of this as healthy and pain-free as we can.

Opinions? Experiences?

Thanks in advance.