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Thread: Birthing questions for Quad Moms

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    Birthing questions for Quad Moms

    So I am five 1/2 months along with our first baby. So far we are healthy, and the baby moves a LOT We go back to the doctor on Monday to see if it is a boy or girl (last time the little bugger wouldn't let us see).

    Anyway, my question is for the quad mommies out there. Did all of you have a c-section? I have been in contact with one member from here who did and had a complication afterward because of the pain. That scares me. My doctor(s) have discussed it with me, and even though we haven't made a decision, they both seem to think that if my body and the baby can handle it, I would be able to have a natural birth. They said that my muscle use, though limited, would help and that after a little while, the body just takes over contractions and does what it is supposed to do by pushing the baby out. Now, that would be if the baby isn't stressed. A c-section might be necessary if something should happen of course.

    A c-section would be faster and less stress on the baby so that option is always open to me too. I just want us both to come out of this as healthy and pain-free as we can.

    Opinions? Experiences?

    Thanks in advance.
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    No reason to have a C-section just because you have a SCI. A vaginal delivery is possible, and with the correct care, very safe. You can always have the C-section if you run into trouble. A bigger issue is having a plan for managing autonomic dysreflexia during labor (an epidural will usually do the job). Most OBs and L&D nurses don't know the first thing about AD.


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    Thanks, KLD.

    Thankfully, my MFM has had quite a few experiences with spinal injured patients so I have great confidence in her and my OBGYN. She actually mentioned AD before I did at my first appointment, and I wanted to hug her. haha. She already assured me that an epidural is in my future no matter what.

    I guess my biggest fear is the pain after the birth, no matter which option we go with, and the AD that will be associated with that. AD is all around a scary thing.
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    I had to have a c section due to both my boys being breech and staying there. I did not have any complications from it. most important thing is to get yourself moving as soon as the docs say you can. good luck for a smooth delivery for both of you!

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    Thanks, sabmother!

    BTW we found out it is a GIRL today!
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    Congrats! Picked a name yet??


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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Congrats! Picked a name yet??

    We have. We are going to name her Reagan Renee. I bought her first tiny outfit today. It's amazing to me that something so sweet is going to be mine! I know my husband will probably make her a total tomboy, but that's okay too. As long as she is healthy and happy.
    If there is light
    it will find

    --Charles Bukowski

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    Congrats on such wonderful news. You will have so much fun with her and the clothes alone are cute as all get out.

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    How exciting for you and your husband! Best wishes!

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