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Thread: Shoes to Wear to Avoid Pressure Sores

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    Shoes to Wear to Avoid Pressure Sores

    I developed a pressure sore almost a year ago from a pair of shoes that led to a blister.
    The sore is finally healed and I want to get a new pair of tennis shoes.
    Does anyone have any recommendations as to some styles that work well for someone to avoid sores?
    Some of the new Nike shoes seem very light weight, however, not sure about pressure from the sole.
    Any suggestions would be very appreciated. Thank you!
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    Once you find a shoe you like, it is a good idea to purchase it in a half to full size larger and wider than the measurement of your foot would indicate. You need to allow room for sock and feet swelling.

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    I will leave this to those who are experiencing today's sneakers. I would not worry too much about the pressure on your soles as long as you have enough room to have your feet expand due to swelling.

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    Pressure from the sole is a function of footrest adjustment. The foot rest should be adjusted so that when you are sitting there is little pressure between the sole of the shoes and the footrest. Having the footrest too high will not only increase the pressure on your soles but on you ischia too. If the footrest is too low your feet will keep slipping off. It is worth taking the time to get the footrest adjusted correctly.
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    SAS makes a line of shoes that are for people with problem feet. However, I've found the heel counters to be a little bit rough, though you can get them worked in using a machine and stretched out at home using special shoe trees.

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    I really like the New Balance Minimus line. Only 4mm of sole drop, from toe to heel, with an extremely soft, pliable, upper, and a particularly wide toe area. Lots of choices on width, too. MO90 is my current favorite, and M730 for a more traditional sneaker look.
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    I've actually had pretty good luck with Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Stars with thin Spenco sole pads.
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    I bought 3 pairs of these badboys, red, white and black. The sole is very flat like a bowling shoe. They are made of leather. When I wear the red sneakers I get a lot of people asking me where I got them, what kind are they are and so on. They do look pretty cool! Anyway, whatever shoes you get make sure they are long enough and wide enough for your feet. And don't forget your feet will probably swell up some during the time your are sitting simply due to your SCI.

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    I've had great luck with Converse's Chuck Taylor line as far as higher tops go. For women Easy Spirit shoes and boots come in several widths so I buy a lot of theirs. Sperry will swear up and down they only make regular medium width boat shoes but I have two wides from back at a store in Maryland. If they are counterfeits then they are excellent ones. And for good support, the mid top New Balance shoes are great. I need to look both at pressure but also I want side to side balance so my feet don't want to start pointing in funny directions.

    Smokey, those look a lot like the shoes curlers wear on the ice. Definitely a cool look.
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    I purchase my shoes from Joe's New Balance Outlet because they carry extra wide sizes (4E and 6E) in many styles at discounted prices.

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