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Thread: Bladder Treatment

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    Bladder Treatment

    It is my understanding that it is a common practice to instill a bladder with different solutions to prevent UTI?s or encrustation of catheter. My issue is I cannot clamp off my catheter for more than 5 minutes without leakage and mild AD. Does this preclude me from using this technique or would I still receive a benefit by instilling the solution for 5 minutes? Any insight is appreciated.

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    Hi Oldschool,
    Welcome to Care Cure Community.

    If you are talking about using Vetericyn (Microcyn, Puracyn, Dermacyn) to help prevent colonization and urinary tract infections, instillation and 4-5 minutes of retention should be effective. Some people experience leakage and mild autonomia when they use straight Vetericyn. You might find it useful to dilute Vetericyn, say 20cc Vetericyn (or Vetericyn VF) to 10cc of saline. If you are instilling Vetericyn at night, right after getting into bed, you may want to wait about 20-30 minutes before you do the instillation. Waiting allows your kidneys to dump urine (your blood pressure goes up when you lie down and your kidneys produce more urine). Your bladder is probably pretty small and instilling Vetericyn and then urine flowing into your bladder is probably just too much volume for your small bladder to handle.

    You may want to read this very long and involved thread. There are many good tips from users of Vetericyn:

    All the best,

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