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Thread: muscle nerve pain, please help

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    muscle nerve pain, please help

    My lower 4 ribs started hurting alittle bit several months ago and have gotten severly worse. i'm 36yo c3 and breathing with my diaphragm. now it seems every time i breathe that the rib cage muscles squeeze as well. its the most pain i've ever had. it hurts so bad to breathe, nothing helps not even morfine. on max dose of baclofen, also neurotin 3 times a day. can't sleep, breathing is shallow. first time i really thought about ending it. i used a bipap last night and still barely slept. were i live i can't use bipap and i'm in the hospital now. if i'm not back home by friday i loose my room at my nursing home and will have no place to go. any suggestions. the dr's are stumped.

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    If it is nerve pain, often times antidepressants help more than narcotics or baclofen. It is a conduction issue that the medication works on.

    is there anything you could have done to that area. Maybe when transferring or turning? Did they check for any breaks? Broken ribs can cause pain like you describe.


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    well i'm to the point where i have to use the bipap at night cause my diaphragm seems to be to tired to keep breathing. i've been vent free 19 year and always had good breathing, diaphragm wise. how can this happen so quickly? would a diaphragmatic pace maker work to help me breathe as a last resort?

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    You would have to have a phrenic nerve eval, but it is unlikely you are a candidate for a pacer, since your nerve seems to be working fine, other than fatigue. I would encourage you to see your sci doc or a neurologist to determine the level of nerve involvement and whether the pain is neuropathic or musculoskeletal. Depending on the type of pain it is, the treatment will vary.

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    could i have regained muscle control around my lower ribs and every time i breathe with my diaphragm these muscles trigger as well, cause you do have breatheing muscles in your ribs right? if so that is why they hurt so bad and are being worked after not being used in 19 years? could it be my diaphragm hurting? doctors think its neuro pain. tried nurotin but no luck. also the pain increased in a few days. please tell me what you think.

    could i have gotten nerv regeneration where it connected several muscles to one nerv, so when you try to move one muscle several move?

    sorry if i rambling

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