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Thread: Alot of pain on my right butt cheek, no redness, no fractures, but still worried

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    Donut cushions are not safe or acceptable for use in someone with a SCI. They can cause or worsen pressure ulcers in the ischial area. Have you discussed this with a physiatrist who specialized in SCI? Ischial bursitis is extremely rare, and would require some tests to determine if this is the actual cause. It is much more likely a form of neuropathic pain called allodynia (hyper-sensitivity to touch or other stimulation of a body part). Have you been tried on medications for neuropathic pain, or with something like a TENS unit? Have you had a good seating evaluation and custom cushion prescription?


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    no, i have never been on neuropathic meds nor have i tried the TENS unit..i have not had a seating evaluation done for several years (the last was 9 years back and i haven't changed cushion nor wheelchair since) i use a jay cushion..
    i shall see a physiatrist and check what he says..

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    I have the same pain it's either siatica or a pinched nerve sitting in my wheelchair for 34 years I bear the pain

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    Your piriformis muscle could be under strain...especially now that you've stated that you've been working (and probably sitting) for long hours. Try to engage in workouts that strengthen that particular muscles. Also try to avoid sitting for long, continuous hours. I also have this problem and I am managing to deal with it one day at a time - great progress so far.

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    Hi EricO,
    Welcome to the Care Cure Community. Very glad you've joined us.

    I noticed that you have responded recently to several threads that are pretty old and some of those original posters haven't been on the site for a number of years, so they aren't likely to get your helpful comments and suggestions. Hope you will join in on some of the threads and conversations that have been posted recently.


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