Hi everyone,

Its been awhile! I'm running into a big issue. My right butt cheek is super painful. I have chronic pain and have dealt with it for 10 or so without any medication. But this pain surpasses even my pain threshold.

I fell last christmas on a toilet seat which cracked the seat and caused similar pain to what I'm experiencing now but went away after a few months. I got it checked out and they said there is no fracture. But just recently it started again just as it did the first time I hurt it. This is really an issue because I'm working 8-10 hour days and although I can often its getting to the point where I can't focus.

The only thing I'm worried about is causing a pressure sore but if there is no redness nor a dot I can't figure out what this could be or if I should just deal with the pain. If its just pain I can probably go on but if I'm ignoring something more serious I don't want to cause any more damage.

Any ideas what this could be?

Also I noticed when I sit on a very soft removable cushion its much better. Currently I'm using a varalite evolution as I have been ever since I had a wheelchair but perhaps its time for me to move to a more forgiving surface. Adjusting the airpressure doesn't help.

Can anyone recommend any softer foam cushions I should purchase? My size of seat is 14x14, should I increase the size to something longer perhaps that may put more pressure on my lower legs rather than my butt? Also after going to the doctors it seems like they say nothing is wrong but my body is telling me something different.

Any advice would be great, I hope all is well in CC!