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    sp cath

    i put this under life instead of care cause just questioning upon getting mine 10 years ago i asked about possible bladder cancer from it. the urologist said def yes after a prolonged time of having it. i havn't had any issues since then except few infections...have there been or any1 heard or experienced this...
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    With any indwelling catheter (urethral or suprapubic) there is an increased risk of bladder cancer, esp. after 10 years or more of constant use.

    Suggest you discuss with your urologist methods for screening for early bladder cancer (annual urine cytology tests and/or cystoscopy with bladder biopsy). If it is caught early, it may be treatable.

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    Have only had my suprapubic 3 year and 9 months. But, I think the key is having regular check ups with your urologist to catch a problem in the early stages. That kind of surveillance will catch any problems soon enough to deal with.

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