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Thread: Thinking of getting on SSDI

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    Things to consider: SSDI used to have two year waiting period for Medicare benefits, after one starts getting check. Thus, do you have health insurance?
    Have you determined that voc. rehab. will help you with MA degree and what specifically will they help with? Tuition, books, gas expenses?

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    i have been on medicare now for 10 years. im not sure how long it would take to get back on SSDI. i have a meeting with voc rehab wednesday to discuss all the posibilities and figure out my options. I am hoping to start figuring things out in the next week or 2 what path i am going to take.
    Josh S.
    T6 complete as of 7/17/03

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    Once you are on SSDI your state VR agency can get reimbursed dollar for dollar by the feds if VR expenditures result in you getting off SSDI

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