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Thread: Chronic pressure ulcer

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    I am curious about the magnets and how they heal a wound. Also, how are they to be used. My son has a stubborn wound that wound care can't heal.
    I appreciate the information you can give.

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    There is conflicting information and most health care providers agree that the magnets do not have any benefit. While I will not tell you outright to not use them, I would tell you that I would not just use that to heal a wound.

    Please do some research before investing in them.

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    You are absolutely right CKF. Research is definitely in order but I am curious as to how the magnet is supposed to heal.

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    I really don't know. Please post if you find out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavesMom View Post
    ...I am curious as to how the magnet is supposed to heal.
    Among magnet therapy proponents, the theory is that magnets draw blood to the area due to the attraction between the magnets and iron in the blood.
    MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions

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    Save your money. In the early days of Rehab we were given a gift of socks with magnetic threads sewn inside. They were supposed to re-align blood, muscle and nerves. Spoiler alert::no such luck.

    I think the University of Cambridge article ( Naked Scientists ) gives the best explanation of why the iron in our blood is not really magnetic

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    I totally support the scientific, but for some people they need to try different alternative. For some they work or at least do help, for others they are not helpful at all. In some respects not that different thrombosis mainstream medicine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavesMom View Post
    I am curious about the magnets and how they heal a wound. Also, how are they to be used. My son has a stubborn wound that wound care can't heal.
    I appreciate the information you can give.
    My C-6 son has had 2000 hours of MME time (10,000 times the strength of the earths magnetic field), plus he sleeps on a 20 gauss strength magnetic mattress pad for 8 years now. The earth has a magnetic field, though small in strength at about .5 gauss. The neodymium magnets, depending upon thickness, have a strength of hundreds of times than that of the earth. So, every thing on this planet is receiving some magnetic force 24/7. If you use a stronger magnetic field than that of the earth, swelling and inflammation reduce and the scar tissue on the skin will return to normalized tissue without the bulge or hardness. The body's stem cells gravitate toward the source of the higher strength magnetic field which cause dead and damaged cell replacement. The MME treatments were positive, but in the spinal cord, would not reverse or eliminate the glial scar tissue. However, swelling was quickly reduced as my son started to regain sensitivity and motor function at levels below the injury.

    The method would be to purchase a magnet about 25% larger than the wound. They come round and rectangular. A neodymium magnets North and South poles are not marked. Lets say you need one the size of a 50 cent piece or even a silver dollar. Tie a string around it to hang it on its edge. The North side of the magnet will face North. The South side of the magnet will face South. With marker, mark an N on the North face. Be careful here, ONLY the SOUTH side of the magnet must face the wound. The North side of the magnet faces away from the body. DO NOT make a mistake here.

    Place ointment on the wound. Place a piece of thin piece gauze over the wound and ointment. Tape the South side of the magnet against the gauze. You can leave the magnet on the body for 18-20 hours per day. The more the better. The longer the magnet is on, the quicker the healing. You should purchase the thickest magnet available in the size needed to more than cover the wound. The thicker magnets are stronger than the thinner ones. Only one magnet is needed for a single wound.

    Just remember, $20-30 for a magnet is a whole lot cheaper than several months in BED!!

    Ask more questions any time.

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    Hello Rollin',
    Sorry to hear about your problem. I too have had a sore on my right butt cheek for the 9 1/2 years. It heals then opens all the time. The only thing that I noticed that really helped was Intrasite which eats the dead flesh. So the wound heals from the inside-out. Also Emu Oil really helped with gauze pad to cover and Hypafix as tape (breathes really well). There's a product called Emuaid which I've heard works really well but it costs quite a bit. I use a Stimulite Contour XS cushion. Used to use Roho but the sore opened every time the cushion popped. You're doing the right thing by eating lots of protein, fruits and veggies etc. Plenty of fluids also helps. You can also get something called a Sensimat ( which is pressure monitoring device that monitors you every time you're on your cushion through an app using your smartphone and you even have weekly goals for pressure relief tilting to the sides forward etc. Check out the website, it seems like a great product.

    Good Luck!! I hope your problem goes away.
    Never Give Up!

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    Thanks for the information on Sensimat. What a great idea. They seem close to meeting their crowdfunding goal. I just contributed on indiegogo. .Hopefully they'll be available for shipping this year. I'm going to follow this one closely

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