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Thread: Best online resource for building/repairing computers?

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    Best online resource for building/repairing computers?

    Hi gang. I know there are a million youtube videos out there but I was wondering if there were favorites among our posters?

    I am as green as green gets and will need maximum hand holding before starting to build my own tower.

    So, what are your favorite online resources for both the beginner and the advanced techie.
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    Awe at my magnificent coq!

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    I primarily buy my components here, and I also pay special attention to the ratings and customer reviews/complaints as well. Some offer solid build advice, too:

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    I just bought my 2nd PC from these people.
    What I like is adding what you want. For instants I like getting the better power supply (Thermalake 430 Watt) and getting a Seagate HD.
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