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Thread: constapation

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    KLD is right. I'm taking oxycodone for pain. Got the diarrhea when I quit cold turkey. No big issues in me quitting except 3-4 days of the Hershey squirts. No mental stress either, just physical pain. Nurse is wrong about me being an enabler as I try every tactic available to keep others out of my meds. Last resort is quitting which I am doing now. Florida is a screwed up state with their pill mill laws. I wait 4-6 hours at the Pain Clinic/pill mill. My Dr has tried to get me on methadone and morphine. I see all the people who come to his office and crawl the floors and climb the walls waiting for their next fix. As a c5 quad I am my bodies "bitch" and will not let myself be a bitch to a pill. That's what the Dr does - gets his patients hooked and he has a client for life. It is a trip to go to that office. You see some that you now are in pain and some who say strait up they are hooked.
    My D's house.

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    You are an enabler if you are allowing these people to work for you and steal from you to support their habit, even if they are family.


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    I live in their house. If everything was black and white I would agree with you. I don't allow them to steal and if I had the power 1 would get a broken nose every night. You find me a better place to reside and then be a snot. They do -NOT- work for me. I am gracious to have a roof over my head. Donnie

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    You can report them to Adult Protective Services (or the equal in your area). People with disabilities who are being physically abused, neglected, or robbed are considered a special protected class (like the elderly and children) and a social worker from the APS program will investigate. Often they can be a resource for other community services and referrals for you too.

    I would also suggest you talk to your local Independent Living Center and see if they can help you to find a better and safer living situation.


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