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Thread: Ride R1 cushion replacement

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    Ride R1 cushion replacement

    I got my first new wheelchair in 8 years, a beautiful Tilite ZRA-2.

    For 6 of those 8 years, I used Ride's R1 cushion and corbac back, and I loved them.
    But I'm pretty sure that the Ride R1 was discontinued years ago, and the Ride Forward cushion that came as a replacement is tall, unstable, and unliked (by me).

    Does anyone have a recommendation of (really ideally) where to pick up an R1, or (much more likely) a low profile, stable, breathable cushion?
    I've already fired off an email to Ride Designs.

    Thanks in advance,
    -- JB
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    You should really have a seating evaluation and be pressure mapped on a variety of cushions that meet your criteria in order to have the best pressure ulcer risk reduction. This is especially important as you age, and your amount of atrophy, skin elasticity, and ability to heal decreases.


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