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Thread: complete quad needs a new laptop

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    complete quad needs a new laptop

    i've reinstalled windows 7 but am still having lockup usues and i'm on it 12 hours a day. it's my only escape from the nursing home i live in 24/7. any funding ideas?

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    Maybe the bios is at fault. I bought a new Toshiba win7 laptop a few months ago that developed a lockup issue. One of the recommended update downloads was for the computers bios. It wasn't what I wanted to do, but the lockups have ceased so far. I could have used a little help with it, you may consider looking into this possibility. I forgot to say that once I got to the choices screen it did say the download addressed the lockup issue.
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    How old is the laptop and where do you live?
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    it is 7 years old at least. I live in new york.

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    Sorry you are having problems. Good that you have the laptop to use and hope that a replacement can be found. In the Beverly nursing home where I was, anything of any value disappeared quickly. If I may ask, how do you manage to protect it?
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    if you aren't using it for gaming, and are mostly using it to surf the web, and such, maybe a chromebook would work for you.
    I have one that I use when Im out or just on the internet.
    I got both the acer and the Samsung and sent the Samsung to my kid to stay in contact. it uses google hangouts which is like Skype. that is free. there are a lot of free apps to play around with too.

    I prefer the acer. It is affordable and not hard to replace if something happens to it. you get free cloud storage with it, and adding more isn't expensive.
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    Your question is about the founding ideas and unfortunately I have no answer for it

    If your computer is 7 years old, having Win7 on it, is not the best approach unless you have at least 1GB of RAM. Until you get another PC you can consider running a lightweight linux distribution as lubuntu or Puppy Linux

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    I don't let my laptop out of my sight. if i leave for the day it goes with me. I've had 3 500gb ipods, a 1tb hard drive, computer glasses, oakley sunglasses and even a bose surround sound speakers all stolen from my room over the years. laptop is all of value i have left. you can trust no one in a nursing home. really a shame, how can these people sleep at night.

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    Linux as mentioned before is a good (free) stop gap solution aging laptop You might try Linux Mint if other versions mentioned here don't suit you . If you can you might see if a someone you know (tech savvy?) has a spare Hard Drive. Fresh HD is nice with New OS. Hard Drives can often end up in drawers with old cell phones people don't want to pull data off.

    Chromebooks are nice BUT they are useless if you are ever without Web connection Having to think about power/ battery is enough. Then you can at least play Solitaire and write regardless

    As far as funding, what about Lions/ Kawanis/Rotary Club? Local Community Foundation or Center for Independent Living aren't likely to fund themselves, but may have leads to funders

    Good Luck Man

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    If you fix that one or buy a new one, consider a program like the following to keep it protected.

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