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Thread: Could this be our next wheelchair tire?

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    Could this be our next wheelchair tire?

    Solid yet function like pneumatic tire. No puncture worried.
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    It looks interesting, I guess time will tell. What I would like to see is, have two identical bikes, one with these and one with stock tires pumped to max. Have the same rider coast down a small incline and see if the both coast the same distance.
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    They look like the flat proof tires BMW has been messing with for 10+ years. One of the problems is all the dirt they collect. OK for a mountain bike or a chair you only use out doors.

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    Interesting. I wonder about weight and cost. I am concerned having so many places to have fingers caught. I run my fingers along my tire sidewalls often enough. I'd be curious to see one of these tires in person. I don't think the company would make wheelchair sized tires but if they do maybe it's something to see at an Abilities Expo. Thanks for the video.

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    Not very practical more of a gee wiz tire. The weight and the ability to replace the tire is far greater than the standard tire we use now. Not to mention getting debris within the tire etc etc

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    The millitary uses tires like this on the military vehicles

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