I had a horrible computer crash this morning and worked very hard to find a solution. I had to talk with tech support. I think only people with a brain injury can understand how hard it is to talk with a CSR at tech support. They were asking questions and giving directions much faster than I could understand. I needed him to slow down. Once while talking with Apple after I had bought an iPod, I told the CSR I had an injury and he was very patient. I appreciated that so much. This time the tech support was in India (not with Apple) and I was afraid to mention it, I feared the person would not understand.

When I am able to tell people I have a brain injury and they understand it is so wonderful, they work with me to help me understand and my stress goes way down. Most of the time I can't really mention it and the world is a hard place when your brain is, well it's my brain so I can say it - screwed up.

Thank god my fiance' and all my close friends know. They are very understanding.

It seems to me that it takes so little effort to help most people with brain injuries, I wish more people were willing.