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Thread: Drug Testing, a Barrier to Employment....?

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    Back in 2006ish, I was taking Darvocet when I applied for a job. I had to tell them I would test positive then fax a copy of the bottle label that showed doctor and that it was prescribed to me. I didn't have any problems. However, it might be different now with an oxy prescription. If he takes it for his disabling condition and they denied him employment based on the drug test, would that not be discrimination based on disability?

    I have wondered this very thing myself.
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    That is how it is handled where I work. A physician's prescription (copy or the label of the bottle) must be submitted at the time of the drug screen, or shortly thereafter (if you don't have the bottle with you at work, for example) when doing the random screen, and they then administratively pass that test.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    I agree with T8. In most states, you risk loosing your license if you are found guilty of possession of illegal drugs, and if you get a DUI or other conviction for illegal substance use. This applies to nurses, physicians, pharmacists, etc. etc. Health care professionals need to be held to a higher standard due to the impact that errors in judgment while under the influence can cause. These rules apply not only to when you are "on duty", but at all times. I personally was involved in a case where a physician was taking both drugs and heavily drinking while on call, and had to help the nurses get this reported when they refused to take a telephone order from her when she was obviously intoxicated, and at home, but still on call. She lost her job and her license.

    I agree with both T8 and KLD. When I was in the Army I fell under NSA as far as security clearances went. We were always on duty for both the Army and NSA. If T8 worked for any of our intelligence agencies he would also be subject to drug testing because drugs can do more then mess up your work but make you liable to blackmail for needing more and more cash for a habit. Aldrich Ames was an alcoholic and after his arrest more higher ups are getting tested and held to the same standards as the lowest employees. We fired a CIA Director over having the wrong papers at his home.

    As for the never been under the influence while operating, hmm. I would think most doctors today sign agreements about illegal drugs and they apply on off duty and vacation hours just as military and VA doctors. Do you want a last second substitution of surgeons because yours decided that he has no surgeries planned tomorrow and you need emergency surgery? And how do you think most drunk or drugged doctos are found? During investigations into a patient death. We often don't hear about them as the doctor may be quietly suspended during an M and M in house review.
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