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Thread: Drug Testing, a Barrier to Employment....?

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    Drug Testing, a Barrier to Employment....?

    Starting a new job is always a never know when they are going to not have a cut curb, or your going to have a manager that smells like old fish. The drug test....that's an interesting one.

    You get done filling out reams of paper work, and go to a facility to give a "sample." "Empty your pockets. Wheelchair stays out side..." ??? Um, are you going to CARRY me across the threshold? You look inside the area they want you to give a sample, there's no sink to wash your hands. I have to EXPLAIN to the person why I need to wash my hands before I go to the bathroom, as well as what that tube and rubber thing are for. I'm already feeling threatened mind you....

    NOW I have to worry about what on God's green earth I picked up catheterizing in a medical facility!

    They need to allow people with disabilities to bring a sample in to be tested. Period. Your average able-bodied person calls us lazy for having a high rate of not working...they should try dealing with UTIs for this namby pamby drug test bullony

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    I applied for a position at a medical physicalrehabilitation facility years ago [in the 1990’s]. The H person followed me into the bathroom,watched me wash hands, remove my catheter, etc. and transfer onto thetoilet. She watched as I inserted thecatheter but refused to hold the specimen cup so I could use the grab bar forbalance [I’m an incomplete quad with limited hand movement and trunk control].
    Months later the facility notifies us that given new healthcareand government regulations every employee must be fingerprinted. There were to be to exceptions. Remember quad hands, limited trunkcontrol/balance. Two hours later, fourattempts on each hand, we stopped. Notbecause of utter frustration on both our parts, pure exhaustion on mine havingspent 2 hours trying to lean forward while attempting to relax my fingers andwrist, BUT because my ZIPPER had unzipped and my underwear were visible. No kidding, she refused to zip my pants—My 10fingers, palms, wrists were covered in black ink.
    I never said hello to the Human resource person again.
    Luckily it was a good paying job with benefits.

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    They are never going to let you bring in urine from home. We don't, where I work. Someone who is using quickly figures out that they can bring in someone else's urine. We don't even let you take it out of your leg bag, as we had one experience with a client who PUT SOMEONE ELSE'S URINE IN THEIR LEG BAG (yuck!!) to try to avoid testing positive. We have to observe you cathing, or cath you ourselves to obtain the specimen, or take the urine directly from the catheter (not from the bag). This is all regardless if the urine is for employment purposes (pre-employment), or later random drug testing of employees, or for collection of these urines from our clients.


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    Why aren't doctors's drug tested?
    Interesting story in the NY Times.
    In the dime stores and bus stations, people talk of situations, read books, repeat quotations, draw conclusions on the wall. ......Bob Dylan

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    Doctors are subject to random drug testing in the VA just as any other employee is. I was selected for random drug testing 2 years ago and had to leave my work station and go immediately to the lab to have this done without delay. I was observed doing the urine collection, and had blood drawn as well. My physician colleagues have also have been randomly tested just as I have.


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    Hopefully all medical institutions employees should be subject to mandatory random drug testing. Good for the VA if it follows this practice.

    But addicted health care workers need not be physicians to put patients at risk. All health care workers with access to drugs, including medical doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, radiological technicians and surgical assistants, should be subject to mandatory drug testing.
    In the dime stores and bus stations, people talk of situations, read books, repeat quotations, draw conclusions on the wall. ......Bob Dylan

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    I would happily leave a urine specimen right on the CEO's desk---minus the cup.

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    Why does the employer care about my urine, blood, or fecal matter for that matter? If I were they, I would be more worried about people who defecate on company time in the handicapped washroom while babbling on their cell phones. Know the last time I did that at work? 1989...when i could ambulate. If I can do a bowel program, why can't able bodied people?

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    I'd be more worried about the capacity of the person to perform the job function. That's what the interview is they know what they need to know...and can i get along with them?

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    Health care professionals that are abusing drugs often are diverting them from patients. This is especially true for nurses who administer drugs in the hospital. They take the patient's morphine shot, for example, and give the patient a saline injection instead. This is definitely harmful to the nurse's patients. Physicians have it a bit easier, as they often just write prescriptions for themselves, but I knew one anesthesiologist who was stealing medications meant for patients in the OR. This is in addition to the harm that these people can do with impaired judgement while using on-the-job. I am glad we test at our workplace. You cannot pick up a history of drug theft/use in an interview.


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