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Thread: Screws loose and fractures. Yikes!

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    Screws loose and fractures. Yikes!

    Hi, I had spinal fusion in July 2011 with rods and screws placed from T3-T8. A few months later, I suffered a compression fracture in T8. And in late 2013 some screws started coming loose. So I had another surgery in nov 2013 extending the rods to t10 and repairing loose screws.

    Its been three here months and suddenly I have big welts on my back. An MRI revealed I fractured the terminal vertebrae again, this time T10, and the screws have loosened so much that they have nothing to thread into and slide in and out when I move.

    What is going on here? Is it common to have recurring fractures in the terminal vertebrae ? This time my doc plans to use a glue to hold the screws in place. He said it also strengthens the bone. I don't wanna go through this again. Comments please.

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    Have you had a second opinion from another surgeon (orthospine specialist or neurosurgeon)? This is unusual and should be evaluated for cause before undergoing another big surgery like this.


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    I just went through this, though w/o the fractures at the lower vertebrae. I'm in recovery from surgery 6 weeks ago.

    T2-10 fused in 2012. Everything (literally) came loose. All hardware had to be removed and replaced with beefier stuff, currently fused between T2-L1. It's rather unsettling.

    PM/email me if you want.

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    I have no hardware but recently recovered from compression fracture T 11. My X-rays and MRI showed osteoporosis in vertebrae, so at risk of further fractures.
    could you be osteoporotic?
    i,fractured my femur a couple of years ago and surgeon said my leg bones are osteoporotic. He says its a result of no weight bearing for so many years.
    i now have twice yearly injections to halt the osteoporosis.

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    Thanks for the comments you all. I have not heard of injections to slow osteoporosis but will inquire about that. Take care

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