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Thread: Lower leg changes in color

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    Lower leg changes in color

    Hi friends- I've noticed in the last few months that my lower legs from the shin down are changing tone. I am Cherokee Indian and have fairly dark skin compared to most people. My skin tone stays pretty evenly tan looking. In the last few months I've noticed that the shins down are somewhat redish and my feet are the same way. What would cause that? My feet and legs are not swollen and I'm very active with cardio exercise daily. Is this just an aging thing or do I need to look further into this?
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    It is not unusual for people with SCI to have a mottled appearance or darker or even bluish tinge to the skin of their lower legs, especially when sitting. Does this occur when you are laying down as well?? Do you have a good pulse in your feet and legs?

    Do you smoke tobacco? Aging can increase the problems with this discoloration, but as far as we know, for most people it is benign and does not require further assessment, tests, or treatment. You should talk about it with your primary care physician though, and they may want to get some blood flow studies (not just a Doppler for DVT) to be sure that you don't have undiagnosed peripheral vascular disease.

    See here for how to take pulses in your feet:


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    All those things SCI stated yes. Could need some level of compression sock.

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    My legs get like this, I use a handheld percussion massager that you can get on Amazon for about 40 bucks. I use it on my legs twice a day, and it really helps with this problem. I believe my problem is caused by poor circulation.

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    Thank you for the responses. Much appreciated. I just celebrated my 20 year anniversary yesterday so I know that I'm going to be entering into some new problems in the next 20 years. I'm very healthy and active, but 20 years of sitting is a long time. I haven't noticed any swelling or other issues lately. I'm just mostly cosmetically concerned since its shorts and flip flop weather here in TX. Thank you guys for the feedback. I'll be paying even closer attention to the morning time after my legs have been propped up all night. Maybe I need to give them a little more of a break during the day with some above the heart stuff during the day time. I don't want it to progress, especially during the summer time when my legs are more exposed. Thank you for the link SCI nurse. I am so thankful to have you as a terrific resource.
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    This is pretty normal, I think. The lower it is on my legs, especially when I'm sitting, the darker/redder my legs get. It's just a matter of circulation, and blood pooling in the legs - gravity. It's not bad enough to require compression socks on my end yet, but it probably will as time goes on. This mostly diminishes if I lay down, or elevate my legs, resulting in the pooled blood draining back into the rest of my body...
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    Offroaderswife: It's just a day after your 20th 'anniversary', huh? Wow. I'm not even 2 years into this - I'm having a hard time imagining 20 years down the line... keeping my fingers crossed that it all goes 'smoothly'. But naturally, thanks to a man named Murphy, I'm sure I'll have a hiccup or two - and needless to say it'll happen when I least expect it. Such is the nature of the universe.
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